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Cardiology Fellowship Personal Statement Examples

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First sample:

At the time I found out that I was going to be a mother, I was so happy. That time, I was finishing my undergraduate degree majoring in biology. My goals are to take a year off to take care of my daughter and to return to medical school. During the rest of my pregnancy, I was monitored and received extra care from people around me. Before all of this has happened, my goal is to complete medical school and I am assured that I can able to meet it with your help.

Second sample:

Typically, there are children who do not fear heart attacks, but this is not the same situation to my sister. She was born with a defective valve and when she was growing, there was no viable treatment. Because of this, I realized that a medical career is good for me not only for my sister, but I believe that I have the passion and commitment towards it. I want to be part of the growing cardiology field in order to increase my understanding related to heart.

Third Sample:

A successful cardiologist is always familiar with real life implications as well as theoretical implications. I believe that it is the field that I really want for myself. It will give me the opportunity to enhance my knowledge about cardiac treatment and diagnosis in order to achieve my goals.

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